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About National Roof Coaters

National Roof Coaters has provided professional metal roofing solutions & services to customers throughout the Midwest, Atlantic Seaboard and southern region of the US for over “45” years”. 

National Roof Coaters specializes in Metal Roofing: Audits, Annual Inspection & Maintenance, Emergency Repairs, Remedial Repairs, Restoration, Re-Roofing and Retro-Fit Roofing.  We service a wide variety of clients and their commercial, industrial, manufacturing, institutional and warehousing metal roof systems.  National Roof Coaters performs metal roofing work for fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses with buildings ranging from 500,000 s.f. to 5,000 s.f.

Over the years National Roof Coaters has been a leader in metal roofing maintenance innovations, we have continually embraced new and effective process improvements, worked closely with suppliers to match high quality, industrial grade [products] to customer requirements, and all the while maintaining excellent [safety] standards.

Because National Roof Coaters has extensive expertise, knowledge and experience in “pre-engineered metal buildings” (P.E.M.B.) and metal roofing there is a consistency and proven methodology in the applications and installations that we perform.  Furthermore, National Roof Coater crews are employed and trained by National Roof exclusively.

  • Roof System Sustainability
    “Moisture intrusion is the major reason why low slope roofing systems fail prematurely” (Andre O. Desjarlais – Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

    “Except for structural errors, about 90% of all building construction problems are associated with water in some way” (ASTM, 1982)

    “Roughly 2/3rd of commercial roof activity today consists of re-covering or re-roofing existing buildings.  While periodic inspection and routine maintenance are the best investment a building owner can make, far too often the roof is out of sight, out of mind (until it leaks, of course)” (Richard L. Fricklas, 9/10/2012)

    National Roof Coater professionals can assist you in maximizing roof system longevity, and minimize premature capital expenditures, with cost effective, Audits, Annual Inspections, and Remedial Repairs that head off the debilitating effects of moisture intrusion.

  • Differentiating between Knowledge vs. mere information
    “The roofing industry is now at a point where we should collectively define a uniform standard for the determination of moisture content in roof systems.  It is time to move past the days of the “educated toe” (i.e. subjective claims of how the system felt as it was walked across)” (John D’Annunzio, 12/1/2005)

    National Roof Coaters focuses on the root-cause of water breaches, investigates & analyzes building and roof system characteristics, and provides practical, cost effective solutions to mitigate moisture infiltration problems.  We use a fact based approach that includes: component disassembly, atmospheric measurements and statistical sampling in addition to visual inspections by highly trained professionals.